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Paints and Brush

منتجاتنا طبيعية 100٪ ، خام ، نباتي

نحن نقدم مكونات ومستلزمات من مصادر عضوية لفن الجسم بالحناء الطازج ، وصبغ الشعر الطبيعي ، و جاجوا الفن

Henna Supplies

منتجات بالجملة للشركات.

Henna Supplies

منتجات للمهنيين والأفراد.

أفضل البائعين


Writing on a Notebook

Gazala Nazeer

this is 1st time I feel I made well...its perfect coz of perfect cone and its consistency...this was my dream to make thin design..I have always struggle to make thin design..but thank you so much for coming in my life i must say otherwise I would never know thin tip cone can work so well..
... last not least I wanted to say..that I feel more confidence now that I can take orders if i get cones from you..I always use to ignore to put henna if anyone ask me...and colour already started showing..


....  Ma sha allah the color turns very dark ! Very satisfied with your product !! And the best thing is it dries quickly ! Will order it again soon in sha allah ! 💕

Ayesha, Henna artist

My mom doesn't put henna 2day she saw the stain she was

            ayesha abb muhje bhi laga


I was feeling to bad cos unfortunately henna got over.


Wallahi I force ,my  mom to put but she dont like 2day  whn she asked I didnt had.

Hence mom loves ur cone. Also she asked to buy from u cones from now on.

Eisha shahid

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