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Luxury Lavender Cone

Our cones are freshly made. The cones are 100% natural, safe, and chemical-free.


These fresh cones are made with pure therapeutic grade Lavender oil.


Rich, dark, and intense stain within 30 - 48 hours.


Lavender oil is considered one of the few oils to be safe to use on pregnant women and children over 5 years of age.


We recommend this product, especially for New Mom and Little Princess.


Tip Size:

Open tip with different options such as 0.32mm,0.38mm,0.45mm,0.50mm , 0.70mm


0.32 mm is for ultra finest and intricate Designs

0.38 mm is for fine Indian Designs

0.45 mm is for fine as well as bold designs

0.50 mm is for bold Arabic Designs

0.70 mm is for Ultra Bold Arabic Designs



Regular - Each cone weighs 30 grams/each

Small - Each cone weighs 15 grams/each



Henna paste will last 3 - 6 Months in your freezer.

Luxury Lavender Cone

PriceFrom د.ك0.450