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Here's my story

Hi, I am Majji Farha!

When I was in my teen age, my parents thought that enrolling me in summer courses would make me spend my time productively. 

I enrolled in a couple of courses like Stitching and Henna. I didn’t know at the time this is going to be my passion and profession. You would have guessed it, I didn't complete my course as any teenager would do. 


Life goes on. I got married and blessed with three kids.  


My real journey as a henna artist began when I had to take complete rest due to my Spinal Fracture. When i was spending time in bed mostly lying due to pain. During that time, I was scrolling my instagram feed mindlessly. A good friend reminded me about starting to do something instead of wasting time worrying about the past. 


As how something we meant to be reaches us, hold us and will take us in that path. Henna happened to me like that. Alhamdhulillah. 


In that instance, I felt like all my energy was back. I felt determined to learn to draw Henna. In the beginning I started practicing on paper, then followed by acrylic board. Started to imitate the designs of famous henna designers. Attended their live sessions and recorded videos. 


Here I would say that I come across many people who are so passionate about Henna. I saw many brilliant and lovely people teach people online and share their works for new people to learn without expecting any benefits. 


This sparked my interest to help people in my town to learn henna. I started youtube(private Channel) and Whatsapp group for this purpose. 


Personally, When i sit for henna. I felt so focused and it’s so peaceful for me. I don’t have anything around -- no more unworthy thought which normally engulf my mind. Henna relieved me from wasting my time in worthless things. It gave me purpose. 


With that said, I am grateful to a few of my friends in Kuwait who guided me during my journey. May Allah bless them.

Why started my website ?


There are various reasons for me to start this website. 


Reason #1 

I have a vision about creating a community in Kuwait. This community will help new people entering Henna field. This community should collaborate with other existing communities here to serve people in Kuwait. 


Reason #2

To Help businesses, Professionals and individuals to find reliable place online for Organic Henna supplies. 


Reason #3

To showcase my work. To help customers reach me for henna services.

May Allah bless us in all our endeavours

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