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Henna Care


Clean your hand properly before apply henna.


Allow the Henna at least  one hour to dry.


Keep the henna on the skin for at least 4-6 hrs for deep stain.


Dont wash with water. Apply Coconut/Olive oil before scrubbing the dried henna.

Jagua Care


Apply Jagua/Hengua and leave it at least  one hour to dry.


Remove the dried paste by flaking it off the skin & wash with running soap water.


Dont panic! Fresh stain will look pale & blur.


It will take 12 - 48 hrs to reach intense dark Blue/Black colour.

Tips to store organic henna

Reaction  notice

Store inside the freezer if not in use.

Cover the tip of the cone with a cello tape if not in use.

Do not keep in Fridge nor door-side of freezer.

Do not keep cones at Room Temperature for more than

1 day.

After taking out from Freezer, Let it thaw naturally 

(keep outside for 15 mins)

Please do patch test before you try Jagua to ensure you are not allergic.  

Place a small amount on your inner arm and after 20 mins wash with soapy water

 Wait for one week and check your skin to ensure no reaction before using for full application.

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