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  • What is henna?
    Henna is an all natural paste that is made from the leaves of the Henna (lawsonia Inermis) plant. The leaves of the plant contain a natural and very effective coloring pigment. When the leaves are dried and crushed into a powder, they can be mixed with other natural ingredients to create the henna paste that is used in temporary body art tattoos.
  • How long do I leave it on for?
    Once you have applied the henna design to the skin, you should leave it on there as long as possible (minimum 2-4 hours). The longer you leave it on the skin, the darker the stain will be. Once the paste is dry, you can wrap the design using sealant spray to help keep it in place. If left alone, the henna paste will dry and start to crack about 30 minutes after application. It will then start to crack and fall off. It is better to use sealant spary to keep it for long to get better stain.
  • How long does a henna stain last?
    Henna typically lasts 10 days - 2 weeks. The henna stains the upper layer of the skin and will fade naturally as the skin exfoliates. We recommend using an all natural balm or natural oil such as coconut/olive on the skin before getting into the water to help the stain last longer.
  • How long is the paste/powder good for?
    The paste lasts up to 6 month in the cone once mixed, if it is kept in the freezer. The henna powder will stay fresh up to 2 years unmixed if it is stored in a cool, dark, dry place (a refrigerator is ideal).
  • Do certain parts of the body stain better?
    Henna stains the darkest on the areas of the skin that are thicker, so elbows down to hands and knees down to feet tend to be the darkest staining areas. For other parts of the body it depends.
  • Will this work the same on everyone?
    Results can vary for everyone. The darkness of the stain can be affected by many things, such as body temperature, skin type, lifestyle, time of the month, etc. Two people can use the same henna paste, the same way, and end up with different results. This is due to the many factors that come into play when dealing with an all natural substance and is not the fault of the henna. If you didn't achieve the results you had hoped for, try going over the design with a second application.
  • What is Jagua?
    Jagua is a temporary tattoo product that colors the skin a blue-black color for approximately 2 weeks. Jagua comes from the Genipa Americana tree, which can be found in the jungles of South America used for body ornamentation and medicinal purposes by the indigenous tribe of the Amazon.
  • What is Jagua Henna / Hengua?
    Jagua Henna, also known in the henna community as hennagua or hengua. Jagua Henna is a new form of body art medium which combines henna powder and jagua juice. Henna is a plant from India which stains a reddish dark brown and Jagua is a fruit from South America which stains blue- black. Henna artists have combined these two ingredients to create different shades and colours for temporary tattoo and adornment of the skin.
  • Is Jagua the same as "black henna"?"
    No. Jagua is an all natural fruit based product. Black henna is NOT natural, and it doesn't even necessarily contain henna. Black henna is made using PPD (para-phenylendediamine), which is a potentially dangerous chemical using black hair dye. Black henna has been the cause of many adverse reactions, ranging from rashes, chemical burns, permanent scarring and long term health problems. We have never and will never sell or use black henna in our store. The jagua and henna we make and sell are 100% natural and we guarantee it will always remain that way!
  • Is Jagua causes any reaction?
    This product is for the body only and should not be used on the face. Despite being a 100% natural product, it is not suitable for everyone. Use at your own risk. Always test on a small patch of skin before attempting a larger design. Wait for at least one week before full application in the body. Please take caution if you have any underlying medical conditions, sensitive skin or have allergies to any of the above ingredients.
  • What should you do if you get allergic reaction?
    If an allergic reaction does occur, an eczema-like rash appears after a couple of days. It is recommended to consult your doctor right away. When treated adequately, such a reaction will NOT create lasting scars. Simply speed up the natural fading process by repeatedly washing the area & gently rubbing dry. Please note that this will take time; do NOT scratch and/or damage the skin! We recommend adult supervision with children under the age of 18.
  • How long does a Jagua/Hengua tattoo take to develop?
    Jagua/Hengua tattoos reach their best color in about 2-4 days after application, this varies according to skin type. Be sure to put your Jagua/Hengua on 2 days before a big event like a wedding, for the darkest color. Unlike henna, you can get your jagua wet after the paste is taken off.
  • Dont Sleep with Jagua/Hengua before you wash off
    When it comes to the setting time, you will need to keep the Jagua/hengua on your skin for 2-3 Hours. It does not really require much time to set. You need to wash off with soap and warm water after 2-3 hours.It is not advisable to sleep with Jagua/Hengua overnight.
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