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Henna Jar

Our henna are freshly made and packed. These are 100% natural, safe and chemical free.


This Jar is especially prepared for easy use of applying on Henna Stencil Stickers and for the traditional Qassa/Tikka Style.


Our Henna are made with pure essential oil such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Signature Blend.


Rich, dark and intense stain within 30 - 48 hours.



Each Jar weighs 25 grams/each


Expiry :

Henna paste will last 3 - 6 Months in your freezer.

Henna Jar

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  • Close the Henna Jar tightly after use.

    Freeze the henna jar in deep freezer once you receive them.

    Thaw out (Unfreeze) an 20 mins before application.

    Henna paste will last 3-6 months in your freezer.

    NOTE: This is not chemical henna; if not stored properly in freezer when not in use, you will not get best stain results.