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Henna Stickers - Kids

Henna Stickers/Stencils allow even beginners to draw henna designs easily.


Peel off the Sticker, Stick to your desired area, apply henna, Let it dry, and Viola!

You’ll have perfect Do-It-Yourself henna designs every time.


Step 1:

Peel off the sticker/stencil and stick it to your desired location. 


Step 2:

Fill the design area with Henna (for Brown color) or Jagua (for Black color).


Step 3:

Squeeze the cone to apply henna on top of the sticker and spread evenly.

Note: Make sure to fill and cover the full henna design area on the sticker with no gaps.


Step 4: Let the paste dry for 20-30 minutes and then you can move freely.


Step 5: Leave for 2-4 hours for Organic Henna (brown) / 1 hour for Jagua (black).


Step 6:  Peel off the sticker and remove the remaining dried paste using a paper towel. DON'T USE WATER 


Apply Oil (Olive/Coconut) to moisture the henna stain and protect it from water exposure. Avoid water for a minimum of 3 hrs from this stage.


You will get a mature henna stain in 24-48 hours.


Henna Stickers - Kids